About Fuel Cell Development Information Center
Message from the president
  • Professor, Yokohama National University
In July 2010, I assumed the post of representative of the Fuel Cell Development Information Center.
I would like to ask for your continued guidance and encouragement, just like my predecessor, Mr. Kataoka.

President of FCDIC
Kenichiro Ota

  • Executive Directo of FCDIC Kazuhito Hato
Fuel Cell Development Information Center
was established in July 1986 to exchange information among its members on fuel cell research, development and deployment aiming at the introduction and penetration of fuel cells into market.Currently, FCDIC consists of more than 110 organizations, including major Japanese private companies and national organisations working on fuel cell development, 74 academic individuals, and 17 foreign members.

Fuel cells are going to play an extremely important role as an energy source for the next generation. In view of its importance, we will continue to strive for the early commercialization and diffusion of the fuel cell systems.
Since the establishment of FCDIC in July, 1986, we have collected and accumulated various information about technological development of fuel cells for 20 years. We have also worked on the promotion of development, introduction, and diffusion of fuel cells while strengthening the connections among members and overseas.FCDIC will keep serving information by the member’s cooperation through the following activities.

1.Organizing of Fuel Cell Symposium
”Fuel Cell Symposium” organized by FCDIC is held every year in May.

Usually, the symposium is held for two days.  In these two days, about 100 papers are presented by oral and poster, and special lectures are given.  In addtion, the exhibitions are given by about 30 fuel cell-related companies.

exchange their information about the technological developments at the social gathering in the first night.  There are about 1,000 participants including foreign participants in the symposium. Both FCDIC members and non-members can participate in the symposium.

We welcome the participation, the presentation and the exhibition from foreign countries (both members and non-members). You can give the paper written in English and make the presentation in English.
2.Publishing of “The Journal of Fuel Cell Technology”
  • FCDIC publishes the quarterly journal, “The Journal of Fuel Cell Technology” featureing up-to-date articles from FCDIC members and overseas fuel cell promoting groups.
    These publications serve to enhance mutual communication among FCDC members.
    Although the text is written in Japanese, titles of articles, table and figure captions are written both in Japanese and English. Also English abstracts are added. So you can understand the outline of papers.
3.Publishing of Annual Report “Fuel Cell RD & D in Japan”
  • FCDIC publishes the annual report, “Research, Development and Deployment of Fuel Cells in Japan”. It generally surveys the present state of research, development and deployment activities in Japan. Along with that, it reviews the research and diffusion activities by each FCDIC member on fuel cell technologies of PAFC, PEFC, MCFC, and SOFC, and also the technologies of peripheral devices, elements, and applications.

    This annual report is written both in Japanese and English.
    “Fuel Cell RD & D in Japan 2017” is delivered as a PDF file.
4.Organizing of Lecture Courses
  • FCDIC invites experts from various fields of fuel cell technologies as lecturer courses and holds lectures two or three times. The textbooks for the lectures are published every time.

  • Textbook for the fuel cell lectures (written in Japanese)
5.Organizing of Workshop
FCDIC organizes “Workshops” where members can exchange their information about fuel cell technologies. The workshops include lectures, panel discussions, and visit to the organization where FC is operating. Topics of the workshops will be operating condition of the fuel cell plant, technological difficulties of fuel cells (fuel cell itself, materials, devices around the fuel cell, system technology, etc.), operating system, diffusion, and reduction of cost.
These workshops are held 4 times a year for FCDIC members.

  • Lecture on the Safety of FCV (by Mr.Watanabe,JARI)

  • Visit to JAMSTEC (in front of Sinkai 2000)
6.Social Gathering
The fiscal year of FCDIC begins in July. FCDIC holds the general meeting at the end of July, after the meeting, the socialgathering is held. Also, the social gathering is held as New Year’s meeting at the middle of January. Through these two gatherings, members can exchange formal and informal information.

  • Scene from New Year’s meeting
    (greeting from Mr. H.Kataoka, Chairman of FCDIC)

  • Buffet style party
7.International cooperation and support of international conference
Executive Director Yoshitake will participate in the “Fuel Cell Seminar & Exposition”, the world’s largest international seminar on fuel cells, as a program committee member, and will serve as a chairperson for special lectures. Advisor Koseki (former executive director) is chairman of TC105, a conference that determines international standards for fuel cells.
8.FCDIC Honoring System
FCDIC Honoring System for its members was enacted in commemoration of the 30th anniversary of the founding in 2016.

(1) Award in Industry A certificate and a complementary gift Several individuals An organization or individuals who have cooperated with the activities of FCDIC and contributed to the development of fuel cells and the promotion of related industries.
(2) Award in Science A certificate and a complementary gift One or more individuals who have made remarkable contributions to the advancement and development of science and technology related to fuel cells.
(3) IncentiveAward Acertificateandacomplementarygift Individuals who have made remarkable contributions to the advancement and development of science and technology related to fuel cells who are under the age of 40. Alternatively, small and medium-sized fuel cell enterprises or individuals that have made remarkable progress and contribution to the promotion of fuel cell industry.
(4) SpecialAchievementAward Acertificateandacomplementarygift Afewawards An organization or individuals who have contributed to the development of the FCDIC. This prize will not be given every year, rather, it will be awarded to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the FCDIC, the 35th, and the 40th anniversaries. Recipients of the award will include individuals who have made significant contributions to the management of the FCDIC, including former FCDIC members and committee members.(Recommendation Procedure)
9.Investigation of overseas trends
Coming Soon
10.Acceptance of work experience learning
Fuel cells are expected to develop in the future as a technology that supports a prosperous future for humankind.
At FCDIC, we will discuss what fields fuel cells will be applied to and what is necessary for that purpose.
The Fuel Cell Development Information Center (FCDIC) in Japan provides its world members with timely information on fuel cell RD & D in Japan as follows.
Bimonthly issue of “FCDIC Report” :
Timely news about fuel cell written in English “FCDIC Report” is downloaded from FCDIC website.

Quarterly journal “The Journal of Fuel Cell Technology”:
“The Journal of Fuel Cell Technology” includes articles from original sources featuring fuel cell technical trends, development policy and status, commercialization, and so on. It is published in January, April, July and October. Titles of articles and figure captions are written both in English and Japanese, and abstracts are written in English.
(example:cover, photogravure, contents, articles)

The Annual Report “Fuel Cell RD & D in Japan”:
“Fuel Cell RD & D in Japan” generally surveys the present status and reviews on the research and development and deployment of fuel cells by FCDIC members. It is published every year in December.

FCDIC invites you to join us as a World Member of FCDIC.
The services and membership fee are shown in the following table.
Services for World Members Sets Membership Fee
1. Bimonthly issue of “FCDIC Report” 1 ¥60,000/year
Membership fee does not include remittance fee and is the net value to be received by FCDIC.
2. Quarterly Journal “The Journal of Fuel Cell Technology” 1
3. Annual Report “Fuel Cell RD & D in Japan” 1

Yearly membership fees should be paid through bank transfers.

If you are interested in becoming a FCDIC WORLD MEMBER, please return the Application Form by E-mail. Immediately after receiving your application, FCDIC will send invoices to you and start the above services.
You are requested to pay the annual membership fee within a month after receiving the invoice.
Organization/institute or individual outside Japan can apply to WORLD MEMBERS of FCDIC.
Please refer to FCDIC Membership

▶︎Member list
As of January 4, 2024
World Members
Organization country
The Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Seminar USA
NARA Cell Tech Corp. Korea
Taiwan Institute of Economic Research (TIER) Taiwan
As of April 14, 2023
Special Members
Office Division
Embassy of Canada to Japan  
Embassy of Switzerland in Japan Swiss Business Hub Japan
FC-Cubic TRA
(Fuel Cell Cutting-Edge Research Center Technology Research Association)
Japanese Patent Office Patent Examination Department (Chemistry, Life Science and Material Science)
Metals and Electrochemistry Division
National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology Research Institute for Energy Conservation
National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology Department of Energy and Environment
Research Institute of Electrochemical Energy
New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Technology Group
Advanced Battery and Hydrogen Technology Department
Norwegian Embassy, Trade and Technology Office  
As of July 1, 2024
General Members
  K.K. Air Liquide Laboratories   Maxell, Ltd.
  AIR WATER INC.   Meidensha Corporation
B Bosch Corporation   Mitsubishi Corporation
C Carl Zeiss Co., Ltd.   Mitsubishi Corporation RtM Japan Ltd.
  Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry   MITSUBISHI GAS CHEMICAL COMPANY, INC.
  Chemix Co., Ltd.   Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, LTD.
  Chemours Kabushiki Kaisha   MITSUBISHI KAKOKI KAISHA, LTD.
  Clariant Catalysts (Japan) K.K.   MITSUWA FRONTECH CORP.
D Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd.   MIURA Co., Ltd.
  Denka Co., Ltd.   Mizuho Research & Technologies, Ltd.
E EKO Instruments Co., Ltd.   Nihon Kagaku Sangyo Co., Ltd.
  Electric Power Development Co., Ltd.   NIHON MICHELIN TIRE CO., LTD.
  ENEOS Corporation   Nikki-Universal Co., Ltd.
  ENEOS Research Institute, Ltd.   NIPPON STEEL Stainless Steel Corporation
F Faurecia Japan K. K.   Nisshinbo Holdings Inc.
  Fuel Cell Commercialization Conference of Japan   Niterra Co., LTD.
  Fuji Electric Co., Ltd.   NOK CORPORATION
G GAS ENERGY NEWS Co., Ltd.   Noritake Co., LIMITED
H HIROSHIMA GAS CO., LTD. O Osaka Gas Marketing Co., Ltd.
  Honda R&D Co., Ltd. P Panasonic Holdings Corporation
  H-ONE CO., LTD.   Proterial, Ltd.
I IAV Co., Ltd. R Railway Technical Research Institute
  IMRA Japan Co., Ltd.   RIKEN KEIKI Co., Ltd.
  INABATA & CO., LTD.   RX Japan Ltd.
  The Institute of Applied Energy S Schaeffler Japan Co., Ltd.
  Ishifuku Metal Industry Co., Ltd.   Shin-Etsu Polymer Co., Ltd.
  Iwatani Corporation   Suiso Power Corporation
  The Japan Electrical Manufacturers' Association   TAIYOSEKIYU, LTD.
  The Japan Gas Association   TANAKA KIKINZOKU KOGYO K.K.
  Japan Petroleum and Carbon Neutral Fuels Energy Center (JPEC)   Technova Inc.
  JFE Steel Corporation   TOKURIKI HONTEN CO., LTD.
  KRI, Inc.   Toshiba Energy Systems & Solutions Corporation
    U ULVAC KIKO, Inc.
    W W.L. Gore & Associates G.K.
    Y Yamaha Motor CO., LTD.
      Yanmar Holdings Co., Ltd.
As of March 31, 2022
Public Members
Y Yamanashi Prefectural Industrial Technology Center
As of July 17, 2024
Affiliation of Scholarship Member
Individual names are not given for the privacy protection
Chiba University National Institute of Technology, Ube College
Chubu University Oita University
Doshisha University Saitama Institute of Technology
Fuel Cell Development Information Center Shinshu University
Fukuoka University Sophia University
Gifu University The Open University of Japan
Gunma University The University of Kitakyushu
Hokkaido University The University of Tokyo
Iwate University Tohoku University
Kanagawa Institute of Industrial Science and Technology Tokai University
Kanazawa University Tokushima University
Kumamoto University Tokyo Institute of Technology
Kyoto University Tokyo Metropolitan University
Kyushu University Tokyo University of Science
Meiji University Toyohashi University of Technology
Meijo University University of Hyogo
Musashino University University of the Ryukyus
Nagaoka University of Technology University of Tsukuba
Nagoya University University of Yamanashi
National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS) Yamaguchi University
National Institute of Technology, Ibaraki College Yokohama National University