[Important] Please be careful of “fake sites”
Thank you for visiting the Fuel Cell Development Information Center website.

Currently, information such as images and organization name is being plagiarized from our organization’s old domain/website without permission.
We have confirmed the existence of a “fake site”.
Although the “fake site” displays information about our organization, it has no connection with our organization.

The URL of our organization’s website is below.
Please check before accessing.

Copied the old page fake site
■About the “fake sites” that have been confirmed
The “fake site” was created by copying a previous domain and web page operated by our organization.
There is a risk that your email address, password, and personal information may be fraudulently stolen.
Please never access “fake sites” or enter personal information.
Please check before accessing.

■If you accidentally use a fake site or are actually victimized
In the unlikely event that you access the site and become a victim, you will need to keep your site information, transaction information, email with the other party, etc.
Please prepare documents such as the contents of the exchange and contact the nearest police station as soon as possible.

December 1, 2023
Fuel Cell Development Information Center